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Mechanical Maintenance & Repairs >>

Every vessel on the water, especially salt water, needs mechanical maintenance. It is an important part of owning a yacht. Salt water will eat through everything. This is why regular maintenance is of the utmost importance . We are dedicated to keeping your vessel looking and running like new.  Let Hi39 tailor a monthly mechanical maintenance program for your vessel's specific needs. 

  • 24/7 Mobile Mechanical Services

  • Dockside Mechanical Service

  • Monthly Mechanical Engineering Maintenance Program. Not Yacht Management.

  • Arrange Haul Out Service for Mechanical issues

  • Engine Room Bilge Cleaning

  • Diesel & Gas Main Engine services

  • Diesel & Gas Generator services

  • Gear Boxes & Transmission services

  • Outboards & Stern Drive services

  • Bow & Stern Thruster service

  • Stabilizers service

  • Windlasses & Capstans service

Clean & Dirty Engine Rooms

The engine room is the true heart of any vesselA clean engine room can be just as deceiving as a dirty one. It should be exercised and kept clean on a regular basis.  Monthly Mechanical Maintenance is the key to the heart of your vessel running smoothly and reliably.  The photos to the left show a very well kept engine room.  Just because it is clean does not mean it is maintained.  Let Hi39 get your vessels heart on a monthly check up program, so you can avoid costly repairs, or replacements.



Warm Ocean Water & Rain

To the left you will notice a photo of a sea strainer that we cleaned out on one of our monthly mechanical maintenance program vessel's.  The harbor waters were warm this past summer and it allowed for more vessel bottom life. This sea life will attach itself to all parts of your vessel's hull, including  thru-hole screens, also known as clamshells.  Rain also causes run off trash to collect in the harbor and that trash can also get caught in these thru-holes. If running generators, or main engines, this sea life and trash will get caught in the sea strainer. If not cleaned regularly, it will block water flow and cause pumps and pump impellers to fail. If these pumps "FAIL" the results can be  devastating to your mechanical equipment, and your wallet. Hi39 will tailor a monthly mechanical maintenance program for you.



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